VET: Vocational Education and Training


Intermediate level VET cycles:


Higher level VET cycles:


Training Courses for Employment


Professional Certificates:

  • ELEE0109 Installation and maintenance of low voltage installations
    ELES0209 Installation and maintenance of telephone systems and local data network infrastructures
    FMEH0109 Machining Through Stock Removal
    IMPQ0208 Hairdressing
    IMPE0209 Integral makeup
    TMVG0409 Maintenance of engines and their auxiliary systems

Other courses:

  • UF0896 Installation and Maintenance of Transformers
    UF0897 Installation and Maintenance of Rotary Electric Machines
    UF0886 Labour and Environmental Risk Prevention when installing and maintaining electrical installations
    UF0879 CNC programming to manufacture pieces through Stock Removal
    UF0877 Labour and Environmental Risk Prevention when machining through Stock Removal